Raisin Sourdough Bread

My second try at

Raisin Sourdough Bread

It came out really nice this time!

The last time, my dough didn’t proof enough, but I baked it anyway.

It came out like  “Hoshi-Mochi” which is a Japanese – dried – crumbly – rice cracker, instead of BREAD.

So, I gave it another shot with a different recipe, and it worked really well for me :-)

I found a hint of sourness thanks to the sourdough culture.

Also, a tiny amount of ground cinnamon made the flavor come together with the whole wheat,

the raisins and the walnuts!

Nicely done crust made my day!

I just need more practice slashing the dough.

I should’ve scored the surface deeper to create an “ear” on my bread!

Practice, practice :-)


Raisin Sourdough Bread

Makes 1 large loaf



135 g 100% hydration Sourdough Starter

223 g Bread flour

32 g Whole wheat flour

149 g Water

6.6 g Salt

2 g Ground Cinnamon

90 g Raisin

60 g toasted Walnut


Bread flour 290 g (90%)

Whole wheat flour 32 g (10%)

Water 217 g (67%)

Salt 606 g (2%)

Ground Cinnamon 3.3 g (1%)

Raisin 90g (28 %)

Toasted Walnut 60 g (18.6%)



  1. In a bowl, mix Sourdough starter, flour and water roughly, cover it with plastic and Autolyse for 30 minutes.
  2. Add Salt and mix until evenly distributed.
  3. Slap & Fold for 4 minutes or until the dough becomes a rough ball.
  4. Incorporate raisin, cinnamon and walnut into the dough until well combined.
  5. Bulk fermentation at room temperature for 2 – 3 hours (depends on the season) , 1 sets Stretch & Fold (1 set = right over left, left over right, bottom over the top, top over bottom) every half hour until enough strength has been developed.
  6. Preshape the dough and let it rest for 15 minutes.
  7. Shape the dough into an oval loaf (Bâtard ) and place into the proofing basket.
  8. Put it in the fridge overnight.
  9. Pull it out of the fridge and let it rise for 1 – 1.5hours (depends on the room temperature)
  10. Preheat the oven to 480°F
  11. Flip the basket onto the baking sheet and score the top of the dough using a lame or a sharp, serrated knife.
  12. Place the bread on the baking stone in the preheated oven, pour the water onto the brick blocks and shut the oven door immediately. Turn down the oven to 450°F, bake the bread around 40 – 45 minutes.
  13. Let them cool onto a rack.
  14. Ready to eat!


2 Responses to “Raisin Sourdough Bread”
  1. I would love to try this. Are you going to post the recipe? It looks lovely!


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