Pizza dough – Sourdough

Every time I feed (refresh) my sourdough starter,

I feel really sad because I have to discard half of it…

Is there any solution???


I got a great idea from Lisa‘s blog, and I decided to use the discarded starter for my pizza dough.

Sourdough Pizza

Pizza dough with sourdough starter + whole wheat flour!

Sourdough Pizza


the dough turned out a great pizza!

Great flavor and nice texture!

Above all, I am very glad to find the way to rescue my excess sourdough :-)

Sourdough Pizza

My pizza stone gave my pizza crust extra crispy!

Sourdough Pizza

2 small / 1 large pizza



137.5 g water (80.1%)

117.5 g Bread flour (66.2%)

60 g Whole wheat flour (33.8%)

4 g Salt (2.35%)

15 g Sourdough starter

0.5 g Instant Yeast (0.28%)

13 g  Olive Oil (7.32%)



  1. Mix all ingredients except salt and Olive oil, Autolyse 30 minutes.
  2. Add Salt and slap & fold for 2 minutes.
  3. Add Olive Oil and slap & fold for 3 – 4 minutes or until the gluten is well developed.
  4. Let it rest overnight.
  5. Roll it into balls and let it rest for 15 minutes.
  6. Ready to use!
4 Responses to “Pizza dough – Sourdough”
  1. w says:

    NO!!! Don’t throw out your excess sourdough leaven!! I never throw mine. Here are some ideas.

    1. pancakes
    Take about 100g old leaven (it can even be one-two weeks old in the fridge, not lively), 100g flour, 100g water and mix in a big bowl. I tend to leave it overnight somewhere next to the heater. Next morning, heat up a pan and oil it. To the mixture which should be nice and lively by now, add about 1tsp of baking soda diluted in a little bit of water, 1 egg, a pinch of salt and some sugar. Stir well and it will start reacting. When your pan is nice and hot, you can start making pancakes.

    * this is what i do with my old, less-than-peak-condition, refrigerated leaven. However, if your leaven has just been fed, you don’t even need to take it through the fermentation process. You can use it straight away. The idea is just to get it in a ‘ripe’ state before making the pancakes, but no need to watch it like a hawk. The ‘rise’ comes from the baking soda.
    *you can use any type/combination of flour, i often do rye + buckwheat.
    *if it seems dry, you can add water/milk/yoghurt (which will react very well with the baking soda), buttermilk. As you’re making it, if the mixture seems to dry out, just add a liquid. The batter should be medium liquid, not thick nor runny. Using rye or wholewheat flours will make it denser.
    * qty of sugar is up to you. i have also used maple syrup, honey. When making savoury pancakes, I omit sugar.
    * i dilute the baking soda in water so it can be distributed evenly throughout the batter instead of clumping. Note that the baking soda qty is approximative. It really depends on the batter (type of flour, what other ingredients you use). Taste the first pancake, if it tastes soapy you’ve added too much baking soda or else it’s not well mixed.

    I make this all the time. I’m not a pancake person but we have had many pancake breakfasts and brunches/lunches to use up the leaven. Sourdough pancakes are really fluffy, watch them puff up when they hit the hot pan :)) No need for whipped egg whites or any of that complicated stuff. If you like blinis, just add milk instead of water in the initial mix, add some creme fraiche at the end [oh yes, you can of course also add butter, oil, etc. for more richness], use buckwheat and wheat flour, and you’ve got yourself very nice blinis. I also do savoury pancakes with chopped vegetables, no sugar but spices etc. Have fun!

    2. sourdough crackers, see this link. I use only half of the oil in the recipe. Delicious!

    3.Sourdough carrot cake

    There are many other ideas, just do a search.

    oh goodness i didnt mean to write so much cos i really have to go BUT i just had to tell you not to throw out the leaven.

    PS: must check out your baguette posts later. of all the baguettes you’ve made, which recipe gave you the nicest-tasting, for you, baguettes?

    • Hi W,

      Thanks so much for sharing more ideas to use my excess sourdough culture! I am so glad I don’t need to discard it any more.

      The buckwheat pancake sounds really good! I am not a pancake person either, but I will definitely try it :-)

      I’d recommend the sourdough baguettes! I like the texture, taste, flavor…EVERYTHING! There is a link of the original recipe ( txfarmer’s 36 hours sourdough baguette ) on my post, so please have a look at it.


  2. Lisa says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the SD pizza dough! Your pizza looks amazing! Unfortunately, I don’t bake enough bread to keep a SD starter and because of that I forget to feed it. I had one for 2 years – created using Nancy Silverton’s grape starter method and it was SO strong but I eventually stopped baking bread for a while and killed it…not having the motivation to try and save it. That said..after I made my dough for the got in the way and I had it rising in and out of the fridge for 5 days. I finally shaped the rolls last night..thinking they might not turn out because it had been too long. Well..not only did they rise well..but the oven spring was fantastic! Now I just need to take photos and get the dang post up lol

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for your great idea! I enjoyed the SD pizza dough so much and decided to keep making it :-) Oh, I have been working on sourdough croissants! I hope I can post it sometime soon!

      Congratulations on your starter! I can’t wait to see your new post!


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