Sourdough Boule – Smoked Olive Oil + Smoked Flour w Jasmine Tea Leaves

I’ve been into “TEA” + “SMOKED Food” so bad recently. One of my friends introduced me to ‘Smoked Olive Oil’ on her blog and I was very fascinated with it! HAPPY DONABE LIFE  by Naoko I wanted to bake my bread with smoked olive oil, so I smoked not only my olive oil with Jasmine Tea … Continue reading

Sourdough Seed Boule

Fill your kitchen with the smells of healthy & hearty bread !!! Sourdough Boule + Sunflower seed + Pumpkin seed + Walnut = Happiness – This time, I baked this bread for myself to get more energy :-) Why? You will see the reason why I bake this bread when you eat this bread!  60% … Continue reading

Sourdough Boule with Japanese Clay Pot

Japanese Clay Pot (a.k.a. Donabe) is a symbol of comfort food for Japanese people. People use Donabe for cooking rice, hot pot, stew etc. Family members or friends come together around the table and share a meal out of one pot, so that you can build a sense of closeness, warmness… Therefore, I felt all … Continue reading

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