Sourdough Mini Donuts

The word “Sourdough” has been stuck in my head + My husband LOVES donuts = Why don’t you make Sourdough Donuts!? I wanted to make donuts for a long time, because my husband tends to go get donuts at SEVEN ELEVEN whenever  he craves donuts. And, actually that makes me sad… So, I decided to … Continue reading

Baguette – Chocolate

 I just wanted to “EAT” the memories. Baguette + Chocolate = Heartwarming :-) – Do you remember the feeling when you crave hot chocolate on a cold night? Do you remember the feeling when you make a warm drink for yourself because you can’t sleep properly? I know exactly what it is. That little treat makes … Continue reading

Chocolate Sourdough Bread

Ok. I have to admit I am a stubborn person. I am not afraid of changing the recipe. So much so that I never follow it. That being the case, I took the chocolate chips out of the original recipe, ( In case you’ve missed this article’s title, I was trying to make a CHOCOLATE  sourdough … Continue reading

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