Sourdough Boule – Smoked Olive Oil + Smoked Flour w Jasmine Tea Leaves

I’ve been into “TEA” + “SMOKED Food” so bad recently. One of my friends introduced me to ‘Smoked Olive Oil’ on her blog and I was very fascinated with it! HAPPY DONABE LIFE  by Naoko I wanted to bake my bread with smoked olive oil, so I smoked not only my olive oil with Jasmine Tea … Continue reading

Sourdough – Jasmine Tea buns

Ok. My next special ingredient is Jasmine Tea. I love Jasmine Tea’s sensitive aroma! – The images of Jasmine Tea to me are “feminine” and “Elegant” somehow… Like an elegant noblewoman, wearing subtle beautiful scent. so I wanted to create a soft, roundish and flavorful bread with Jasmine Tea! For the liquid for a final dough, … Continue reading

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