Sourdough – Wine

My favorite combination! Wine + Bread = Yum Seriously, I can live on just bread and wine alone! So, why don’t you bake a wine bread!? 100% hydration Sourdough starter I added chopped cranberries, too. My first Sourdough Wine Baguette & Batard  Thanks to wine and cranberry, it has a nice sweet and tangy flavor and … Continue reading

Sourdough Seed Boule

Fill your kitchen with the smells of healthy & hearty bread !!! Sourdough Boule + Sunflower seed + Pumpkin seed + Walnut = Happiness – This time, I baked this bread for myself to get more energy :-) Why? You will see the reason why I bake this bread when you eat this bread!  60% … Continue reading

Raisin Sourdough Bread

My second try at Raisin Sourdough Bread It came out really nice this time! The last time, my dough didn’t proof enough, but I baked it anyway. It came out like  “Hoshi-Mochi” which is a Japanese – dried – crumbly – rice cracker, instead of BREAD. So, I gave it another shot with a different … Continue reading

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