Prologue – Trials at making my perfect Sourdough Baguettes

Go back to the “Classic.“ I’ve been working on making my perfect Sourdough Baguettes. Crumb : Chewy / Open / Airy / Holey Crust : Extra crusty / Nice golden color / Happy oven spring Tons of flavor / Good texture Above all, DELICIOUS. It is amazing only this much of sourdough starter makes bread … Continue reading

Pizza dough – Sourdough

Every time I feed (refresh) my sourdough starter, I feel really sad because I have to discard half of it… Is there any solution??? – Yes! I got a great idea from Lisa‘s blog, and I decided to use the discarded starter for my pizza dough. Pizza dough with sourdough starter + whole wheat flour! Wow.. … Continue reading

Sourdough Hot Dog Buns

 I was craving Hot dog so bad. So, I just started making Hot dog buns. Why not? I decided to use the whole wheat flour and the sourdough culture for my Hot dog buns. And I found the perfect recipe for my baking adventure! I adapted the recipe from Weekend Bakery The recipe calls the Bread … Continue reading

Raisin Sourdough Bread

My second try at Raisin Sourdough Bread It came out really nice this time! The last time, my dough didn’t proof enough, but I baked it anyway. It came out like  “Hoshi-Mochi” which is a Japanese – dried – crumbly – rice cracker, instead of BREAD. So, I gave it another shot with a different … Continue reading

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