Green Tea + Kumquat Cake

It’s Cake time!

Yuko - Green Tea + Kumquat Cake

Green Tea + Kumquat Cake

A friend of mine, who is a professional Japanese cuisine chef, invited me and my husband to a dinner party the other night.

I wanted to make a special cake with all my respects for her and her Japanese dishes.

Yuko - Green Tea + Kumquat Cake

So, I chose typical Japanese ingredients for my cake.

Green Tea and Kumquat!

Actually, Green Tea goes very well with citrus flavor :-)

Yuko - Green Tea + Kumquat Cake

I made Kumquat compote for the filling and baked a Green Tea Chiffon Cake.

Yuko - Green Tea + Kumquat Cake

A bit of Gin in Green Tea Mousse combined all flavors!

Yuko - Green Tea + Kumquat Cake


Ok, now let’s go to the party!


Oh my goodness…

What a night!!!

She made a Japanese full course dinner, like “Kaiseki – ryori” and all dishes were fantastic!

We  had a great time with great dishes and great wines and great people!

I was also very happy they enjoyed my cake as well!!!

Green Tea + Kumquat Cake

Makes 1 × 8-inch 5-layer cake



Green Tea Chiffon Cake

4 each Egg Yolks

55 g Vegetable Oil

130 g All Purpose Flour

110 g Granulated Sugar

5 g Baking Powder

3 g Salt

90 g Water (Hot)

8 g Green Tea Powder

12 g Granulated Sugar

4 each Egg Whites

50 g Granulated Sugar

1. Preheat the oven 350°F 

2. In a small mixing bowl, mix together sugar and Green Tea Powder and set aside.

2. Mix Egg Yolks, Oil, Dried ingredients including Green Tea + sugar mixture and hot water really well, beat 7 – 10 minutes until color gets brighter.

3. Meanwhile, make meringue with Egg whites and 50 g Granulated sugar, stiff peaks.

4. Mix in Egg Yolks mixture into meringue and combine well.

5. Pour the batter into the 7″ round mold and bake 325°F oven, 40 – 50 minutes.

6. After fully baked, put the mold onto the wire rack, upside down and let it cool.

Green Tea Mousse

45 g Milk

15 g Granulated Sugar

1 each Egg Yolk

5 g All Purpose Flour

10 g Green Tea Powder

8 g Granulated Sugar

5 g Gelatine leaves

340 g Heavy Cream

60 g Granulated Sugar

10 g Dry Gin

1. Soak Geratine leaven in cold water and set aside.

2. Heat Milk and half of sugar in a saucepan over the medium heat until boiling.

3. Meanwhile, mix Egg Yolk, the rest of sugar and flour, set aside.

4. In another small mixing bowl, mix together sugar and Green Tea Powder and set aside.

5. Pour Milk into Egg Yolk mixture, combine really well and mix into Green tea powder mixture.

6. Put it back into the saucepan and cook thoroughly until gets shiny.

7. Add softened Geratine and strain it.

8. Whip Heavy cream, sugar and dry gin, soft peak.

9. Mix Green Tea Mixture and whipped cream.

Kumquat Compote

15 – 20 pieces Kumquats

110 g Granulated Sugar

120 g Water

7 g Dry Gin

1. Slice Kumquats and take seeds out.

2. In a saucepan, combine sugar and water. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring to dissolve the sugar.

3. Add sliced Kumquats, reduce the heat and cook it until translucent.

4. Add Dry Gin and let it cool.

Assemble cake

1. Take the Green Tea Chiffon cake out of the mold, slice horizontally into 3.

2. Place one sliced chiffon cake in 7″ round bottom removable mold.

3. Put Green Tea Mousse, Kumquat Compote and second layer Green Tea Chiffon cake.

4. Put Green Tea Mousse, Kumquat Compote again and place third layer Green Tea Chiffon cake.

5. Wrap with plastic and put it in the fridge until set.

6. Take the cake out of the mold and decorate with whipped cream, Chocolate, Kumquats and Green Tea fondant etc.

16 Responses to “Green Tea + Kumquat Cake”
  1. Francesca says:

    Yuko, this looks divine. I do not have a sweet tooth but the pictures of your cake are so gorgeous that even I couldn’t resist and, believe me, it does not happen often. Chapeau to you: being invited by a chef and taking the dessert? I do not know if I would have been so brave. ;-)

    • Thank you for the sweet comment, Francesca! Actually, I thought I might put a little bit too much Gin in the Green Tea Mousse, but everybody enjoyed it because we had a lot of good wines before the dessert :-) Hahaha!

  2. michaelawah says:

    this is absolutely beautiful! well done!

  3. I love Green tea and I love Kumquats too, so nice! but can I make it like yours???

  4. narf77 says:

    Absolutely gorgeous and I bet it tasted magnificent. A total triumph and most probably very appreciated by your guests :)

    • Fran, I actually lost my passion for making cakes once because I worked too much at my job….I didn’t want to see any ingredients for cakes in my personal life.
      However, I really really enjoyed making this cake this time! I think I’ve gained my passion again through making/baking breads!
      Thank you for your lovely comment!

  5. Next time I’m making something special, I’m making this! It looks amazing!

  6. Stefano says:

    Yuko, your cake looks nothing short of phenomenal!!! Exquisite and so elegantly decorated! I wish I had been invited to your dinner party too (I LOVE Japanese cuisine)! :-) Oh, and as always, great photographs too, that do your wonderful food justice!

    • Thank you so much, Stefano!
      I really appreciate the people (of course, You and Francesca too!) who “meet ” through this blog and always encourage me to bake good stuff at home! And I realized how much I love BAKING!!!

  7. Shweta D'souza says:

    Looks so delicious! Even I posted something about mousse but with some different ingredients!

  8. Hello, just wanted to tell you, I loved this article.
    It was helpful. Keep on posting!

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