Sourdough – Wine

My favorite combination!

Wine + Bread = Yum


Seriously, I can live on just bread and wine alone!

So, why don’t you bake a wine bread!?


100% hydration Sourdough starter


I added chopped cranberries, too.


My first Sourdough Wine Baguette & Batard 

Thanks to wine and cranberry, it has a nice sweet and tangy flavor and definitely goes well with blue cheese!


I can’t stop drinking & eating wine!


Sourdough – Wine Baguette + Batard

Makes 1 baguettes and 2 small batards



102 g 100% hydration starter

287.8 g Gold Medal All-purpose Flour

80 g Water

123 g Red Wine

6.7 g Salt

80 g Dried Cranberries



338.8 g Gold Medal All-purpose Flour (100%)

131 g Water (38.6%)

123 g Red Wine (36.3%)

6.7 g Salt (1.98%)

80 g Dried Cranberries  (23.6%)



  1. In a bowl, mix flour and Wine + Water roughly, cover it with plastic and Autolyse for 12 hours in the fridge.
  2. Add Sourdough starter and mix by folding dough in the bowl.
  3. Add chopped Cranberries and mix by folding dough in the bowl.
  4. Add Salt and Slap & Fold for 3 – 4 minutes or until the dough becomes a ball.
  5. Bulk fermentation at room temperature, 1 sets Stretch & Fold (1 set = right over left, left over right, bottom over the top, top over bottom) every half hour until enough strength has been developed.
  6. Let it rise until the dough starts showing the ‘activity’ and becomes about a third in size. It takes about 6 hours total in winter time (it depends on the season) in my kitchen.
  7. Put it in the fridge for 16 – 18 hours.
  8. Pull it out of the fridge and leave it out for 1 hour.
  9. Divide into 2 equal parts and preshape the dough.
  10. Let it rest for 15 – 30 minutes.
  11. Shape into baguettes / batards and place onto a floured couche, seam-side up.
  12. Preheat the oven to 500°F
  13. Final fermentation for 45 minutes – 1 hour.
  14. Score the top of the baguettes / batards using a lame or a sharp, serrated knife.
  15. Place the bread in the preheated oven, pour the water onto the brick blocks and shut the oven door immediately. Turn down the oven to 480°F, bake the bread around 20 minutes.
  16. Let them cool onto a rack.
  17. Ready to eat!

The time and temperature will be changed depends on the season.

11 Responses to “Sourdough – Wine”
  1. Stefano says:

    And this one! I was looking forward to it: I love your creativity and how you came up with it!
    Looks great, great job! :-)

    • Stefano, thank you!!! This wine bread is really delicious, especially with cheese! It was slightly dense this time, so I want to try with the different ratios of wine to water next time :-)

  2. vinoinlove says:

    What a great idea to make a wine bread. Looks delicious :)

  3. bentodays says:

    You are so good with this, I love reading your blog!

  4. Eun Oh says:

    Looks so good!
    I want to try this with my starter
    !Can I ask how much cranberries you use for this?

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