Prologue – Trials at making my perfect Sourdough Baguettes

Go back to the “Classic.“ I’ve been working on making my perfect Sourdough Baguettes. Crumb : Chewy / Open / Airy / Holey Crust : Extra crusty / Nice golden color / Happy oven spring Tons of flavor / Good texture Above all, DELICIOUS. It is amazing only this much of sourdough starter makes bread … Continue reading

Sourdough – Wine

My favorite combination! Wine + Bread = Yum Seriously, I can live on just bread and wine alone! So, why don’t you bake a wine bread!? 100% hydration Sourdough starter I added chopped cranberries, too. My first Sourdough Wine Baguette & Batard  Thanks to wine and cranberry, it has a nice sweet and tangy flavor and … Continue reading

From Flour To Baguette

It has been a long time since I baked Baguettes last time. The other day, I baked baguettes with this method, and… Ok, I will be honest here. I messed up. – Since I’ve acquired a lot of new knowledge, method and information about baking Baguettes, I unconsciously changed steps little by little… And, actually it … Continue reading

Baguette – Herbs

Since I really like this formula, I decided to make more variations of baguettes with my favorite ingredients. This time…. Sage + Thyme + Rosemary! I got an inspiration from therightrecipe’s this post. Her caramelized tomatoes on the baguettes look super yummy, so, I wanted to bake the baguette goes well with it! Ready to bake in … Continue reading

Baguette – Chocolate

 I just wanted to “EAT” the memories. Baguette + Chocolate = Heartwarming :-) – Do you remember the feeling when you crave hot chocolate on a cold night? Do you remember the feeling when you make a warm drink for yourself because you can’t sleep properly? I know exactly what it is. That little treat makes … Continue reading

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