A Kitchen Blog’s Instagram

Hi everyone :-) I would like to let you guys know that recently I’ve started Instagram as well. akitchenblog Please feel free to follow me and leave comments! Happy Saturday! Yuko


Hi there! I am sorry I have been absent for so long and hope all is well with y’all! I have started using Tumblr as my baking diary and will update photos (and recipes sometimes?) whenever I BAKE! Please visit my Tumblr :-) A Kitchen Blog Thank you and HAPPY EASTER! Yuko

Sourdough – Thyme + Black Pepper Bâtard

Apologies for the long absence here – and thank you for visiting my blog! I’ve been baking and making a lot of stuff, not only breads but desserts. I wish I could post about them right now with just hitting only one button… ;-) Today, I will introduce my Sourdough Bâtard  with thyme & black Pepper! I … Continue reading

Hi there!

Dear People, Thank you for stopping by! I always appreciate having company here. It makes me super happy :-) – Today, I would like to let you know I’m going to be updating my post once a week  from now on… Probably, Sundays or Mondays :-) Since my working schedule has changed recently, I will be … Continue reading

Ok, Let’s Get Started.

パンを焼く生活。 ウチのオーブンでもようやくきれいなクラストができた。 小躍りしちゃうほど嬉しくて、 くるくる回っていたら、 「上手に焼けるようになったら、書き物でも始めようか」なんて思っていたのを、 ふっと思い出した。 どうやら今日がその日らしい。 Ok, Let’s Get Started.

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