Baking Sunday

I am very excited to write this post and share my great experience here! Baking Sunday! – First of all, I would like to introduce everyone to Chip. He is my Bread Mentor. When I met him the first time, he had a container with ‘ready-to-bake-bread-dough’ inside, and started shaping the dough and baking bread … Continue reading

Sourdough + Fig + Fennel + Lemon

I went to the farmers Market in my neighborhood on my day off, and found my favorite ingredient. Dried figs!!! Immediately, I grabbed a bag of the dried figs and the next moment, I started thinking about my next baking project. Fig and… and… How about Fig and Fennel? – Actually, I submitted my bread recipe … Continue reading

Baguette & Bâtard

 I wish you could smell what I smell right now. Voila! Just baked Bâtard :-) I was not planning to bake the Bâtard this morning. I was going to make the Baguettes as usual. After the bulk fermentation (Overnight), I was just about to divide the dough. – Honestly speaking, I’ve kept away from the Bâtard on purpose since … Continue reading

Chocolate Rusk

Well.. Since the chocolate flavor of my Chocolate Sourdough Bread was not good enough, I decided to turn the leftover into something different. Chocolate Rusk! I don’t know here in America, but a Rusk (cited from Wikipedia) is very famous in Japan. Which reminds me I used to eat the Rusk every single day for my lunch when I … Continue reading

Ginger Cranberry Bread

Last month, my husband and I visited his mother in New York for Thanksgiving. One day at lunch time, my mother-in-law fixed a sandwich for me. It was a grilled ham & cheese sandwich. Yes, I know. It sounds ordinary, doesn’t it? But it was to die for! What was so special!? The secret was the … Continue reading

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